Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excuse me...

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Posting has been slow last couple of days. The reason for this is that I'm sick with the flu. Untill that's over, posting will be slow.

Excuse me :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to cope being a new worlder

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Today I want to discuss something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I used to talk and discuss a lot of topics that are a bit strange to some or they didn't even know about that particular topic.

Maybe it is because I am an Aquarius. Yes, you might not believe in astronomy or think it's occult and something demonic or even devilish. But in my previous job I had a lot to do with psychologists and off course brought on the topic about astronomy and your sign has a direct link to your personality and your understanding of relationships and your view of the world. Most of them agreed with me that there is some sort of link that they cannot explain. I'm sure that there are a lot of psychologists that disagree, but hey we all have our viewpoints in life.

But I digress again.Lately I've been having trouble with people who are not open for new stuff, whatever I'm discussing strange topics people view me as some conspiracy theorist, which I'm not. I like to think of myself as a new worlder, not as in new world order and such. But more as viewing the world with new glasses. In the past I viewed the world through old glasses if you will, until 2 years back when I a coach at a seminar for work told me that the greatest leadership secret is the ability to "kick people back in line". I was shocked at what he said, but according to him if you get people to view their style as the only style that is available it will give the leader unlimited power. He even told me that this type of leadership is seen all over the world, not only political but also in science and religion. He opened up my eyes, which I'm ever so grateful for.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Handy chrome extensions for blogging

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Today I wan't to present you a list of handy extensions for Google Chrome which I use for blogging. They are very usefull if you want to write big articles that require some research from your end. Here goes:

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Yesterday I stumbled upon art from the artist Victoria Franc├ęs. I absolutly love artwork of vampires, especially female ones because they fascinate me. Problably because they are predators and the opposite sex :P Aren't they beautifull ?

Below is a slideshow of the art I already collected: